my LGBTQ feature articles on POC

The Philippine Online Chronicles (POC) news-feature website ( is a project by Vibal Publishing. It launched an LGBT channel in June 2010 called “Pinoy LGBT.” I was tapped to be a contributing writer for the channel.

I have several features published every month. I also write news bits every so often. For 2014, I started the Kalibugan ng Kuwan erotica column under the LGBT Erotica subsection of the channel.

I am a bilingual writer so some materials are written in Filipino or in English. Sometimes the articles are in Taglish or in colloquial Filipino. Click the week# to read them.

I also contribute photos as well to accompany my own articles and the other articles in the channel.

Feel free to redistribute, repost,reblog or retweet.

Here is the list:

JUNE 2015

Article 1 Filipino: “Pride or Proud: Tinomboy ka nguni’t kulang a.k.a. ‘Ako transman, ikaw butchy lang'”

Article 2 Filipino: “Pride or Proud: Tinomboy ka nguni’t kulang a.k.a ‘The lesbian’s cis-man insecurity kuno'”

Article 3 Filipino:  “Pride or Proud: Tinomboy ka nguni’t kulang a.k.a Butch vs. butchy agawan-ng-jowa bangayan”

MAY 2015

Article 1 Filipino-English: “#TRMDAnalysis: Top 10 things tungkol sa tomboy the TRMD way, daw”

Article 2 English: “#TRMDAnalysis: #longoverdue vis-a-vis #queerdivide”

Article 3 English: “Religion and Relevance: The Irish vote and the Pinoy non-pride”

APRIL 2015

Article 1 Filipino-English: “Let’s talk about sex, lezzie: After the love este sex is gone, anuneh?”

Article 2 Filipino-English: “Let’s talk about sex, lezzie: Wrangler sex a.k.a. anatomy anonymity”

Article 3 Filipino-English: “Let’s talk about sex, lezzie: Kapa niyo ba ang isa’t isa?” (Part 1 of 2)

Article 4 Filipino-English: “Let’s talk about sex, lezzie: Kapa niyo ba ang isa’t isa?” (Part 2 of 2)

Article 5 Filipino-English: “Let’s talk about sex, lezzie: Sex-positive vs. sex-negative”

MARCH 2015

Article 1 Filipino-English: “Ang nanay kong tatay raw (part 1 of 4): Introductory adventures into sapphic ‘stepfatherhood’”

Article 2 Filipino-English: “Ang nanay kong tatay raw (part 2 of 4): ‘Di uso ang kloseta sa pamilya”

Article 3 Filipino-English: “Ang nanay kong tatay raw (part 3 of 4): Gender binary vs. stock knowledge”

Article 4 Filipino-English: “Ang nanay kong tatay raw (part 4 of 4): Gender Roles ‘R’ Us nga ba?”


Article 1 Filipino: “February Feelingera 1: Nakidalamhati ka lang, type na agad?”

Article 2 Filipino: “February Feelingera 2: Si pa-victim mode na sablay”

Article 3 Filipino: “February Feelingera 3: Nadantay lang, type ka na agad?”

Article 4 Filipino: “February Feelingera 4: Just because I like girls doesn’t mean I like you, gurl!”

Article 5 English: “Queering the Oscars: Why we should kinda care”



Article 1 Filipino: “Si Santo Papa at ang santita lesbiyana (Part 1 of 4): Batang-bata ka pa, bine-brainwash ka na”

Article 2 Filipino: “Si Santo Papa at ang santita lesbiyana (Part 2 of 4): Vow of chastity, poverty, obedience…and not questioning”

Article 3 Filipino: “Si Santo Papa at ang santita lesbiyana (Part 3 of 4): Sa sinner vs. sin, sinetch ang win?”

Article 4 Filipino: “Si Santo Papa at ang santita lesbiyana (Part 4 of 4): What is the way, the truth, and the life?”

Article 5 Filipino: “Post-Pope visit pondering: How about my queer family?”


December 2014

Article 1 English: “Bentang bente: Pride Speaks of lesbians (1 of 2)”

Article 2 Filipino-English: “Bentang bente: Pride Speaks of lesbians (2 of 2)”

Article 3 Filipino: “Bentang bente: Ano ang benta at hindi bilang LGBTQ sa 2014 (1 of 2)”

Article 4 Filipino: “Bentang bente: Ano ang benta at hindi bilang LGBTQ sa 2014 (2 of 2)”


November 2014

Article 1 English: “Queering regional processes (1 of 4): Within civil society movements”

Article 2 English: “Queering regional processes (2 of 4): The Asia-Pacific experience”

Article 3 English: “Queering regional processes (3 of 4): SOGIE and BPFA”

Article 4 English: “Queering regional processes (4 of 4): Do governments speak for us?”


October 2014

Article 1 English: “Queer vs. Media: Who watches the watchdog?” (Part 1 of 4)

Article 2 English: “Queer vs. Media: Who watches the watchdog?” (Part 2 of 4)

Article 3 English: “Queer vs. Media: Who watches the watchdog?” (Part 3 of 4)

Article 4 English: “Queer vs. Media: Who watches the watchdog?” (Part 4 of 4)


September 2014

Article 1 English: “Office queer bullying: public work, private life”

Article 2 Filipino: “Office queer bullying: officemate grilling”

Article 3 English: “Office queer bullying: equal opportunity employment or bust”

Article 4 Filipino: “Office queer bullying: career at karir change”

Article 5 Filipino: “Office queer bullying: pasaway sa akademya  ”

Article 6 Filipino: “Office queer bullying: hallowed o hollowed walls of bigoted learning?”


August 2014

Article 1 Filipino: “Relationship roadblocks: Killing you softly, and slowly”

Article 2 Filipino: “Relationship roadblocks: Parallel roads, tangent goals?”

Article 3 Filipino: “Relationship roadblocks: Intimacy levels and leveling off”

Kalibugan ng Kuwan erotica column Filipino: “Ang aking unang beses sa isang babae” (Part 3 of 3)


July 2014

Article 1 Filipino: “Queer within the media: Si T-Bird at sila”

Article 2 English: “Queer within the media: quick reflections on The Bottomline guesting”

Article 3 English: “Queer within the media: PBB’s Fifth and the nth outing of biphobia”

Kalibugan ng Kuwan erotica column Filipino: “Ang aking unang beses sa isang babae” (Part 2 of 3)


June 2014

Article 1 English: “Relationship 2.0: A closet-shattering societal queer reboot” (Part 1 of 2)

Article 2 English: “Relationship 2.0: A closet-shattering societal queer reboot” (Part 2 of 2)

Article 3 English: “Relationship 2.0: Getting the love you finally deserve”

Article 4 English: “Relationship 2.0: Queering the agency of ownership”

Kalibugan ng Kuwan erotica column Filipino 1: “Paano nga ba makipag-sex sa kapwa babae?”

Kalibugan ng Kuwan erotica column Filipino 2: “Ang aking unang beses sa isang babae” (Part 1 of 3)


[Note: no May material]


April 2014

Article 1 Filipino: “Nagbabaga baga, unang kabanata: Lesbian hookups or the subculture of the subculture”

Article 2 Filipino: “Nagbabaga baga, ikalawang kabanata: From MOMOL to ONS to FUBU to NSA”

Article 3 Filipino: “Nagbabaga baga, ikatlong kabanata: NSA 101 preliminaries”

Article 4 Filipino: “Nagbabaga baga, ikaapat na kabanata: The NSA and FUBU lowdown”


March 2014

Article 1 Filipino: “Transitioning: butch noon, femme ngayon, at vice versa”

Article 2 Filipino: “Transitioning: from lesbian to hasbian to anubayan!”

Article 3 Filipino: “Transitioning: from two-way to one-way to no way!”

Article 4 Filipino: “Transitioning: two-way bent or left-turning straight?”


February 2014

Article 1 Filipino: “Date series: Ang bulagaan ng kabulagan a.k.a. blind date daw”

Article 2 Filipino: “Date series: Si Ms. Mwah-mwah online na Ms. Tikom offline”

Article 3 Filipino: “Date series: Pang-romantic o pang-romansang date?”

Article 4 Filipino: “Date series: To date or not to date someone”

Article 5 Filipino: “Date series: Ang tinaguriang ‘pseudo date'”


January 2014

Article 1 Filipino: “Bagong taon, bagong pag-asa (ng pag-ibig)”

Article 2 Filipino: “Bagong taon, bagong ugali: player o serial dater?”

Article 3 Filipino: “Bagong taon, bagong plano: career o karir?”

Article 4 Filipino: “Date tales: si Ms. Chinese at si Ms. Hindi Discreet”


December 2013

Article 1 English: “PNoy parenting and authentic family-building”

Article 2 English: “Pushing for pride, march to mark”

Article 3 Filipino: “Boy-Girl-Bakla-Tomboy: Mula kalye hangggang pelikula, may pride ka pa ba?”

Article 4 Filipino: “Our “Little Bossing” that could: Isang pahabol na pagpapahalaga sa lesbiyana”

Article 5 Filipino: “Ang taunang MMFF 2013 at LGBTQ overview”


November 2013

Article 1 Filipino: “Bawas batikos, bawas sablay, buhos bangon”

Article 2 Filipino: “Ang pagrarampa fatale ni Maximo Oliveros”


October 2013

Article 1 English: “Tweeting rules of (dis)engagement”

Article 2 English: “That’s (not exactly) my tomboy (self) on TV”

Article 3 Filipino: “Ang MHL at ang lingguhang paglaladlad ng kabaklaang Pinoy”

Article 4 Filipino: “Mga eksenang palabas at paglabas ng suporta sa LGBTQ”


September 2013

Article 1 Filipino: “Online dating: Masubukan o magkakasubukan?”

Article 2 Filipino: “Sugar(lez) momma (1 of 3): Intrega o intrigang mag-asawa”

Article 3 Filipino: “Sugar(lez) momma (2 of 3): Miss Tibamchi Scholarship Foundation”

Article 4 Filipino: “Sugar(lez) momma (3 of 3): Return of emotional investment”

Article 5 English: “Cinequeer September”

Article 6 Filipino: “Power of Two concert: Mahalaga sa musika at ang musika ng pagpapahalaga”


August 2013

Article 1 Filipino: “Silang mga nagsisilbi sa atin”

Article 2 Filipino: “Silang mga tagapagtanggol natin”

Article 3 Filipino: “Silang mga gumagawa ng batas para sa atin”

Article 4 Filipino: “Silang mga nagtuturo sa atin”

News item 1 English: “Pinoy LGBTQ community joins historic Million People March”


July 2013

Article 1 English: “That thin line between reality and make(them)believe”

Article 2 Filipino: “Halaw sa tunay na buhay-bahaghari”

Article 3 English: “Sticks and stones may break our bones but words – and drawings – hurt us, too”


June 2013

Article 1 Filipino: “The empowered self: love yourself for who you are, first and foremost”

Article 2 Filipino: “The empowered self: freedom to be sexually queer”

Article 3 Filipino: “The empowered self: the working queer citizen of the country”

Article 4 Filipino: “The empowered self: queering your own familial belonging”

News item 1 English: “LGBTQ marriage equality wins in US landmark decisions”


May 2013

Article 1 Filipino: “Silang mga nakimartsa o nangangampanya sa atin”

Article 2 Filipino: “Summer roadtrip down ex-jowa lanes: long drives with Ms. Lucena City”

Article 3 Filipino: “Summer roadtrip down ex-jowa lanes: ang Pasig at pagkilala sa pagkatao”

Article 4 Filipino: “Summer roadtrip down ex-jowa lanes: ang Baguio ng kabataang tibam ko”


April 2013

Article 1 Filipino: “What a fool believes: Boto mo, pag-isipan mo teh!”

Article 2 Filipino: “Chain chain chain of fools: The lesbophobic gay man, film edition”

Article 3 Filipino: “The lesbophobic bi guy, ex-friend edition”

Article 4 Filipino: “The lesbophobic…lesbian”


March 2013

Article 1 English: “Kuwentong Kabit No. 1: The mistress audition”

Article 2 Filipino: “Kuwentong Kabit No. 2: Ang unang alok para maging ikalawa”

Article 3 English: “Hate is not my family’s value, Ms. T”

Article 4 Filipino: “Kuwentong Kabit No. 3: Chain chain chain…of fools”

Article 5 Filipino: “Dear Ate Homophobic Parent: toys are not us…or you”


February 2013

Article 1 Filipino: “Never saying, never sorry”

Article 2 Filipino: “The love we women deserve”

Article 3 Filipino: “Who completes you?”

News item 1 English: “MCC QC inaugurates new worship space”

News item 2 English: “One Billion Rising Philippines highlights diversity in solidarity”

Article 4 Filipino: “The (un)safe and the (in)secure”


January 2013

Article 1 Filipino: “Bagong taon, bagong panimula”

Article 2 English: “Yay Jodie Foster, but… did she or didn’t she?”

Article 3 English: “New year, new desperations”

Article 4 Filipino: “Sign(s) of (love)life”


December 2012

Article 1 Filipino-English: “Of National Lesbian Days and dyke night hangouts”

Article 2 Filipino: “Ilang Pride March pa ba, Pinas?”

News item 1 English: “Colorful marches of pride greet Manila streets”

Article 3 Filipino: “Paskong Pinoy, lesbian jowa or no jowa style”

Article 4 Filipino: “All I want for Christmas is my ka-LDR”


November 2012

Article 1 Filipino: “Namatayan ka na ba ng jowa, lesbiyana?”

Article 2 English: “Obama or oh bummer: The queer importance of being earnest”

Article 3 Filipino: “Ang tunay na opinyon ni Aling Bebang”

Article 4 Filipino: “Buti pa si Monique anik?”

News item 1 English: “Takbo Teh! successfully runs for equality”

News item 2 English: “Manila TDOR 2012 events mark visibility and remembrance”


October 2012

Article 1 Filipino: “Pantayong pananaw o pang-sila lang na pananaw?”

Article 2 English: “Advanced degree, backward thinking, forward looking”

Article 3 Filipino: “Ang classroom bilang ‘safe space’ sa mga LGBTQ”

Article 4 English: “We’re really queer and we’re really here”


September 2012

Article 1 Filipino: “Ano, andro? Ano ka ba kasi?”

Article 2 English: “Hold me, thrill me, add me, unfriend me”

Article 3 Filipino: “What’s your jowa style, tibamchi?”

Article 4 English: “Aging, interrupted: Bwakaw and the ballad of the sad gay man”


August 2012

Article 1 Filipino: “Utopia o uto-uto: paghahanap ng perpekto sa dispalinghadong mundo”

Article 2 English-Filipino: “Searching for RH bill relevance in lesbian lives”

Article 3 Filipino: “Ka-on ka lang: Salitang paglulugar sa lesbiyana”

Article 4 English: “When blood is thicker than sexuality”

Article 5 English: “Magalang pero medyo bastos: renegotiating sexual relations lez style”


July 2012

News item English: “New FB status: Queer Inclusive”

Article 1 Filipino: “Si Pidol sa pelikula ng sangkabaklaan part 1 of 2”

Article 2 Filipino: “Si Pidol sa pelikula ng sangkabaklaan part 2 of 2”

Article 3 Filipino: “Pahapyaw ng transpinay sa Cinemalaya 2012”

Article 4 Filipino: “Unang pahapyaw ng kabaklaan sa Cinemalaya 2012”


June 2012

Article 1 English:  “Free to be…but are we, really?”

Article 2 English: “Seeing the spirit of Stonewall simmer”

Article 3 Filipino: “Ang hila pabalik, at pabalik, at pabalik pa rin”

Article 4 English: “Personal pride reception observations”


May 2012

Article 1 Filipino: “Bata, bata, lesbiyana sa iyo’y may gawa”

Article 2 English: “Have MSM, will WSW follow?”

Article 3 English-Filipino: “The currency of words in a chismis-transacting nation”

Article 4 Filipino: “Paalam sa tag-araw pero di sa maiinit na paksa”


April 2012

Article 1 English: “Wanderlust LGBTQ style”

Article 2 Filipino: “Lusaw-puso moment collection”

Article 3 Filipino: “Ang STRAP at ang usaping “pambabae”

Article 4 Filipino: “Bokot ang dulot ng panunulot”


March 2012

Article 1 English: “The relevance of representation”

Article 2 English: “Queering the Pinoy Twitterverse”


February 2012

Article 1 English:  “Status: love hanging (this is the soundtrack of your lez love life)”

Article 2 English: “Status: love hoping (this is the soundtrack of your lez lovelife)”

Article 3 English: “Status: love found(this is the soundtrack of your lez lovelife)”

Article 4 English: “Status: love lost (this is the soundtrack of your lez lovelife)”


January 2012

Article 1 English: “Hitting ‘reset life’ buttons for the new year”

Article 2 English: “MMFF most misogynistic, MMFF most phobic”

Article 3 English: “New year, new luck, new life, new love”

Article 4 English: “(Still) Following the flag of advocacy for 2012”


December 2011

Article 1 English: “We aren’t the 90 percent”

Article 2 English: “LGBTQ and showbiz speculative nonfiction commentary”

Article 3 English: “Of SMP-ing and the purpose of yuletide holidays”


November 2011

Article 1 English: “We are (still) family! (Even if we “don’t ask, don’t tell”)

Article 2 English: “Trans identities in the (Pinoy) SOGI alphabet”

Article 3 English: “Trans (inter/national) exchanges”

Article 4 English: “Roadmapping lesbian desire: one-way or two-way?”


October 2011

Article 1 English:  “Take 2: Have SOGI, will stereotype”

Article 2 English: “”Tugz-tugzkadiyan: Anatomy of an exclusive party”

Article 3 English: “Of gender and performance(s) or (non)gendered performances”

Article 4 English: “LGBTQ in PBB: Katok sa bahay ni kuya”


September 2011

Article 1 English: “Of media practices, third sex and the de(con)struction of hierarchies”

Article 2 English: “Queer meets world: intersecting SOGI and other advocacies”

Article 3 English: “Um-offline na si bakla: AJ and online LGBTQ activism”


August 2011

Article 1 English: “Will you marry me boy/girl/bakla/tomboy?”

Article 2 English: “Towing the indie-queer line: to represent or be bent”

Article 3 English: “Queering the language, queering the self”

Article 4 English: “Habla Espanol? Speak Tagalog? Chikaness gay lingo?”


July 2011

Article 1 English: “Marriage (In)equality: start spreading the news”

Article 2 English: “To bloom is to be, sooner or later”

Article 3 English: “The young and the restless (who grew up queer)” [Part 1 of 2]

Article 4 English: “The young and the restless (who grew up queer) [Part 2 of 2]


June 2011

Article 1 English: “A room of one’s own, again: Reclaiming queer spaces”

Article 2 English: “Venues as avenues: POC and alternative spaces of advocacy”

Article 3 English: “The relevance of Rizal and Philippine LGBTQ Pride”

Article 4 English: “Shooting the LGBTQ breeze with foreign advocates”

News item Filipino: “Baguio LGBT Pride March natuloy rin kahit maulan”


May 2011

Article 1 English: “Live-in wows and woes, anyone?”

Article 2 English: “Puerto Galera: The Queer Beach”

Article 3 Filipino/English: “Closet shivers, or how not to out yourself

Article 4 Filipino/English: “The single mom package deal date”


April 2011

Article 1 English: “Gay cruising, lesbian bruising, queer wondering”

Article 2 English: “Coming out and letting in”

Article 3 English: “Of monogamy, polyamory, swinging and being third party-hardy”


March 2011

Article 1 English: “Are we one of you?”

Article 2 English: “The Violence Against Women (VAW) deal breaker”

Article 3 English: “Graduation, teacher-student life and things in between”

Article 4 English: “Awareness of hidden abuse”



Article 1 Filipino: “Ano na, ADB? Anong naganap?”

Article 2 English: “Tales of the diet queer”

Article 3 English: “L is for (LBTQ) love and lasting long(er)”

Article 4 English: “Of fanning fluff, buying into bluffs and promoting sex-positive stuff”

Article 5 English: “Home is where the queer is”



Article 1 English: “In heavenly bodies we (queerly) trust”

Article 2 Filipino:  “Ume-LGBTQ na naman sa MMFF”

Article 3 English: “New year, new queer: Resolutions for a happier solidarity”



Article 1 English: “Lez talk about HIV”

Article 2 English: “One (Love) for the road: the Pride March (dis)closure”

Article 3 English: “Where have all the lezzies gone?”

Article 4 English: “Radar and the evolution of wearing pride”



Article 1 Filipino: “May tomboy (na naman?) sa TV!”

Article 2 English: “Revisiting out-of-Manila pride”

Article 3 English:  “Pride in LGBT art and the art of LGBT pride”

Article 4 English:  “Literary LGBTQI discussions at NBDB’s LOL”



Article 1 English: “To study or not to study LGBTs”

Article 2 English: “Where are your teachers, LGBT students?”

Article 3 Filipino: “Di lang pang-advocacy, pang-sports pa!”

Article 4 English: “Mask of fashion: Are you (dressed like) one of us?”



Article 1 English: “Of by-and-by or by the by: bisexuality in the face of lesbianism”

Article 2 Filipino: “Nasaan ka noong 9/11?”

Article 3 English: “UN calling, Philippines heeding?”



Article 1 Filipino: “Muni-muni sa gay lingo ngayong Buwan ng Wika”

Article 2 Filipino: “Ang naiiwanang halaga ng katauhan”

Article 3 English: “Of media’s lesbian chic and the hetero’s bisexual mystique”

Article 4 Filipino:”Gay lingo: isang postscript sa paggamit”

Article 5 Filipino: “Taguan-pung, taguan po!”

Article 6 Filipino: “Kung wala sila, wala kayo”


JULY 2010

Article 1 English: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but homophobic words always hurt me”

Article 2 Filipino: “Saligang Batas, sali-saliwang butas”

Article 3 English: “Queering our lives on film”

Article 4 Filipino: “Shane on you!”

Article 5 English: “Teacher, teacher, teaching LGBT tolerance?”

Article 6 Filipino:”Nang mag-out si Prof. Hom O. Phobic”

Article 7 English: “Lights! Camera! (Homo)Phobia!”

Article 8 Filipino: “Modernong lesbiyana: are you ready ka na ba?”

Article 9 English: “Same-same, different (work) treatment”

Article 10 Filipino: “‘Porn expression’ daw, o!”

Article 11 English: “PNoy and our alphabet soup of concerns”


JUNE 2010

Article 1 English: “Logging the LGBT life online: How Filipino LGBTs use blogs to suit their lives, lifestyle, love life and local advocacy”

Article 2 Filipino: “Ang walang katapusang coming out sa interweb”

Article 3 English: “I am furious pink”

Article 4 Filipino: “Paano ba bumoto ang isang lesbiyana?”

Article 5 English: “Touching Stonewall, touching history”

Article 6 Filipino: “Ang 1997-2009 Pride March sa paningin ko”

Article 7 English: “Control your remote!”

Article 8 Filipino: “Ang mga dakilang MJ fan girls”


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