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Yet another blogsite from the seemingly indefatigable (indefatigable daw, o! chos.) leaflens, known offline as libay linsangan cantor. This site is meant to contain her reviews and takes on certain stuff she sees and experiences in the media and other communications fields both locally and globally as long as they’re in the realm of stuff we call “pop culture” (except films; she created a separate blog for it simply because she has lots of things to say about that field).

Local pertains to her home country, the Philippines, entrenched somewhere in Southeast Asia, where leaflens was born and raised and resides somewhere in its national capital region more popularly known as Metro Manila.

Originally entitled “Medyo-medyo media,” the Culture Popper is the collapsed version of two earlier separate blogs on literature (created January 2010) and media (created November 2009). Now that the lit blog is gone, the newspaper articles posted there are now linked and archived in a separate page in this blog. This media blog was then renamed to suit its contents and intent more on May 2010.

Why the earlier name? The word “medyo” is a Filipino term which loosely translates to “somewhat” as this site will tackle issues and stuff using a mixture of styles — somewhat serious, somewhat comic, somewhat satirical, somewhat ironic,  somewhat profound. Fill in your own “somewhat.” You get the drift. She usually blogs in Filipino and English; feel free to ask if a term is not clear to you. Yes, she comments back and no, she doesn’t bite. Go ahead, ask.

mumi-medium is da message at an art exhibit in Quezon City

A media practitioner since the mid-1990s, leaflens has been honing her skills in various media-related professional engagements including film (her first love), television (her on-and-off mistress), new media (her hobby), newspapers (her former “hobby”), print magazines (her diversion), and advertising/PR fields (her occasional diversion). Her topics of interest center on the lifestyle-entertainment-human interest beats and in advocacy-human rights stuff, but she could be tapped to write and report about other stuff as well. Yes, she’s a queer advocate (okay, fine, lesbian feminist if you don’t want to use “queer”) but she doesn’t hate men, so smile!

She also does art things like sketching (once upon a time), playing music (in a past life), dancing (when the legs are up to it), cooking (when the taste test audience permits it), writing literary stuff (as a breather) and photography (her eyes are also lenses). Does playing video games count here? It will. The other stuff you could read in her other sites. Yes, OC-ness is a strange habit, even in the blogosphere.

She incorporated all of these experiences and engagements in her 8-year teaching profession at a certain university in Diliman, Quezon City, in a certain media-oriented college that teaches most of her media engagements in different departments. You know where that is. Ask her if you don’t.

And by the way, leaflens also accepts freelance writing and AVP/media production work gigs. Ask away. All things are negotiable, except for principles.

Her film review site is at Takilya Ni Leaflens.

Her mothership of LGBT advocacy and personal musings is at the original Leaflens blog.

Her (inner) travel blog is at Leaflens Lamyerda.

See?  Told yah she’s indefatigable. Charut!

And oh, that image header photo was taken by leaflens’ New Yorker best friend while she was showing her the area of Times Square and all its pop culture capitalist glory during leaflens’ first visit ever to the Big Apple last March 2010. Swak, di ba nesh? Achieve!

All other photos in this site, except where indicated, are the property of the author, libay linsangan cantor. Please get in touch if you want to reprint/repost them. No illicit grabbing, please.

And please, you are free to cite or link to the original articles posted here but please don’t copy and paste them and pass them as your own. That’s called PLAGIARISM and it’s a crime! Google it. If you want to ask her something, email the author and ask permission at libaylc@gmail.com.


One Response to “about this media-pop culture blog”

  1. indefatigable and funny:). not have had the time yet to really explore ur blog(s) but like (such a weak word) what i’ve seen so far. will be back for more, hopefully.

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