For the POC: Religion, race and media this May

It was a busy May for me (still busy this month!) but I was able to submit at least three of my usual four articles for the Philippine Online Chronicles. And so far, I think that month produced the most controversial comment exchanges ever in my history of writing for the POC. 🙂 So thanks for the traffic, you gals.

Anyway I wrote two analysis articles about the latest teleserye of my previous employer GMA-7 because it’s lesbian-themed. Have fun reading the comments in the first one.

Here they are:

#TRMDAnalysis: Top 10 things tungkol sa tomboy the TRMD way, daw – Making my initial critique light and satirical, I decided to do a countdown thing. But I guess some people missed the memo on intelligent writing.

Hmm hard to choose an excerpt to write here since it’s a countdown. So instead, read the whole article na lang by clicking on the title.

#TRMDAnalysis: #longoverdue vis-a-vis #queerdivide – The second article about the show is a thoughtful reflection on the two sides of reactions I’ve been getting/hearing from the community. It’s actually a bit polarized. So I reflect on that.

Religion and Relevance: The Irish vote and the Pinoy non-pride – May 2015 was very interesting because of how Ireland became that Catholic country which voted to support queer marriage. Again, I muse and ponder about that monumental event.


~ by leaflens on June 11, 2015.

One Response to “For the POC: Religion, race and media this May”

  1. yes, all those cliches about lesbian/gay relationships being mainly about physical attraction. well, i know both a gay and a lesbian couple (with one partner being pinoy/pinay and the other european), both couples are still going strong after about 20 and 30 yrs, respectively, of living together whereas quite a few heterosexual relationships have already collapsed, whether pinoy or mixed couples. there is no difference in relationships, actually, is there, whether hetero or not?
    Homosexual marriage sa Pinas. hmm, they can’t even decide to get out of the stone age by finally being the last state to legalize divorce, ok aside from the Vatican, but since hindi naman sila nag-aasawa doon, hindi naman relevant, (who knows also how many homosexuals are stuck in straight marriages), homosexual marriage pa kaya.
    hirap sa pinas, they’d like to show that they’re the best Catholics alive by clinging blindly to dogma, which led to the famous comment of Pope Francis on the plane after his Pinas visit – Catholic couples are under no duty “to breed like rabbits.”
    still, pwede namang umasa, no, na in terms of mentalities, pumasok naman ang pinas sa modern age.

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