For the POC Pinoy LGBT: Queer within the media series 3 with “PBB’s Fifth and the nth outing of biphobia”

For the third in my “Queer within the media” series for the Philippine Online Chronicles’ Pinoy LGBT channel, it’s just apt to comment on the Pinoy Big Brother outing of a housemate.

Being someone who worked behind the scenes before in these PBB casting interviews, it’s quite funny and amazing and bewildering to encounter different people from all walks of life during the audition interviews. As a writer-interviewer, I get an average 4 out of 6 replies of “Gusto ko pong mag-artista!” when we ask the standard question of “So bakit mo gustong mapasok sa bahay ni Kuya?” The second runner-up reply is “Para makatulong sa pamilya ko/maiahon kami sa kahirapan” and the third is “I want to show the world what I’ve got/what I can do.” And for the life of me, I always — always — get the closeted ones who come out to me during the interviews. Di ko knows if smellaniemarquez nila rainbow byuti ko or they see my rainbow halo and feel the urge to confess! Boy girl bakla tomboy ito teh! Oh well papel.

Yes, pramis, one of these days I have to sit down and write my PBB experience memoirs. In the meantime, here’s an excerpt of the outing that happened there this season:

PBB FifthQueer within the media: PBB’s Fifth and the nth outing of biphobia

Labels exist to make sense of the world. We know that it is easier to negotiate our existence when we could use a common denominator at assessing that which needs to be deconstructed. But sometimes, labeling could also hurt someone. Fifth labeled himself as bisexual, and he is comfortable with that. It takes guts and courage to still come out of the closet as a non-straight, even in this day and age, and on national television at that. But when we strip him of his label and reattach it using our glue of contempt for the word, then the label becomes hurtful. There’s a way of letting the labels stick to us, but to staple it to someone as if it’s some form of prison number produces nothing but sadness and continued discrimination that our community really doesn’t need. We are already discriminated outside of our community; why continue it inside?

Read the full article here.

Alam mo naman sa Pinas, kawawa pa rin ang bisexuality. Kaya minsan, kailangan nating mag-isip-isip pa ng husto sa mga isyung ito. Sana nakatulong ang series ko sa pagmumuni-muni ninyo.

Thanks for reading.


~ by leaflens on August 15, 2014.

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