For the POC Pinoy LGBT: Queer within the media series 2 with “Quick reflections on The Bottomline guesting”

As part of the June Pride Month celebration and The Bottomline with Boy Abunda’s anniversary yata, I was invited to guest in their pride episode to represent the L of the LGBT so that counts as my official pride celeb contrib to the world. Charut! Hayst yeah, artista na naman lola mo lolz.

But seriously, many thoughts ran through my head before, during and after those on-air exchanges. I thought of doing a reflection piece for the Philippine Online Chronicles’ Pinoy LGBT channel. Here’s an excerpt:

IMG_122076595071578Queer within the media: quick reflections on The Bottomline guesting

I wanted to speak in front of the camera and, for a moment, be the representative of the L community whether the community likes it or not. I wanted to speak about how women like us are still subjected to discrimination even if we are fully functioning law-abiding members of society. It’s also a relief to hear parallel stories by someone with Kuya Boy’s stature when he shared his own personal encounters with discrimination. No, don’t even think that someone like him is immune to our garden variety type of queer discrimination. A queer is a queer, and discrimination against queers is still discrimination against queers, regardless of stature.

Read the full article here.

I don’t know if Kuya Boy actually remembers that I interviewed him eons ago as part of my entertainment editor job for Pinoy Times newspaper. As in ages ago! 2001 or so to be exact. I’ve always loved whenever his PR company invited me to a presscon or press screening of a movie or concert their clients were throwing then I assess the show and don’t hold back my thoughts if the show’s not really… happy. Kakaunti lang daw kasi ang honest magsulat sa entertainment press at kami namang mga pasaway-slash-palaban ay natutuwa silang imbitahin at malaman ang saloobin sa sulatin. Ayuz.

Links to the episode are provided in the article. You can watch it online.

Yeah, that night was a nice flashback. I had fun talking to him. Iba siyang Boy Abunda kapag LGBT issues ang tema. Kapag garden variety showbiz buzz, iba rin siya. Hm, kinda like me hehehe. Thanks to Bemz Benedito for extending that invite to me. Mwah mwah sis! 🙂


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