For the POC Pinoy LGBT: Relationship 2.0 love conclusions for Pride Month

To complete my Relationship 2.0 series for the June Pride Month series I started for the Phil. Online Chronicles’ Pinoy LGBT channel, I finally got down to it and wrote what I intended to write for this series all along — how love is currently being perceived and received in my surroundings, both of people I call my friends and colleagues and of course moi.

Yup, outing myself again as non-single in this series. Ewan ko ba at ganito ako ma-inlab: ina-announce ko sa media hahaha. Just like when Manila Bulletin asked for my opinion on how Maya Angelou affected me as a writer chenes. So naka-angkla siya sa lablayp hehe. Read that featurette here.

But this here for POC I’ve two articles in this vein. Some excerpts:

“Relationship 2.0: Getting the love you finally deserve”

After a string of relationships with women who sounded promising at the beginning, it’s disappointing to realize that their promises were not really all that to begin with. I never had a problem with being single anyway, and many times I’ve contemplated on taking a break from all this relationship stuff. After all, I love myself enough to settle again for a love that I felt I didn’t really deserve. But sometimes, just sometimes, the universe conspires, and women like us indeed encounter a love that we finally deserve. [read more here]

Relationship 2.0: Queering the agency of ownership

Perhaps that’s why it’s a relief to now be with someone who has reworked having such agency in a relationship: that instead of being with someone who declares “You are mine!” she merely states “I am yours.” and it’s up to me to deal with the statement as I see fit.

“I know I love you. And I offer that to you: I am yours. My love is yours. Now it’s up to you to handle that. How will you handle that? Will you take care of it? Will you nurture it? Will you neglect it?” [read more here]

It’s also such a joy in my heart right now to be appreciated by the one I love because of my writing. Jackpot tandem is what we have because she is a voracious reader and our exchanges sometimes revolve around ideas and such. And yeah, they end up in my articles, with some commentary on how we are as a couple.

So I get reactions like this from her, which I again immortalize in another venue hehe.

Ako na! :)

Ako na! 🙂

Sorry #inlabsibayli is in full swing, as my friends invented hehe. Kami na huma-hashtag!

Well that beats missing the annual LGBT Pride Reception by the US Embassy this year. So these articles — and my heart’s reactions — made my pride month even prouder. And then some! Saka na ‘yung iba hehe.

Happy reading folks. Happy pride month every month!


~ by leaflens on July 5, 2014.

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