For the POC Pinoy LGBT: Relationship 2.0 for Pride Month

This June Pride Month, I’m writing a series of Relationship 2.0 articles for the revamped Philippine Online Chronicles’ Pinoy LGBT channel. I talk about rehashing how we queers have relationships with our immediate surroundings, not just about relationships of a romantic or sexual angle — but yeah, that’s included in the mix, too. Later on.

To start, here’s rethinking if Philippine society already rebooted its system to accommodate further upgrades that are necessary and long-awaited. Hits and misses still abound, but it’s hopeful to see more of the former as we continue to challenge the latter.

Some excerpts:

Relationship 2.0: A closet-shattering societal queer reboot (Part 1 of 2)

It’s June once again, and the rainbow community knows what’s up with this month: LGBTQ Pride Month commemoration. But it’s also quite comforting – and hopeful – to see that the non-rainbow community people (or at least our rainbow supporters) are also open to this idea of celebrating diversity in this still strangely divisive world. [read more here]

Relationship 2.0: A closet-shattering societal queer reboot (Part 2 of 2)

I am glad to see that in my lifetime, our society’s relationship with our queerness is getting a timely overhaul. We may not get the major victories we still need to attain (like the Anti-Discrimination Bill to protect LGBTQ rights), but it’s quite hopeful to notice that everyday, in the simplest of things, and in the most ordinary of circumstances sometimes, there are Filipinos who are embracing their fellow Filipinos because we have worth, we have weight, and yes, we have wit. [read more here]

It’s June. Happy LGBTQ Pride Month y’all.

relationship queer reboot (4)At the Manila Pride March, Dec. 2013


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