Happy #Whip It Women’s Month!

MARCH is Women’s Month, highlighted by March 8 as International Women’s Day or IWD. I don’t know why we have to have a special day for us since I think we have to celebrate this daily, and I agree with Barbra Streisand when she said before that she longs for the day when we won’t have to celebrate this on a special month etc. but what the heck. I digress.

We started the #Whip It women’s month a bit early since we released content at the tail of February to tie it up together with National Arts Month. We asked women artists to share their thoughts on creativity and words of encouragement for fellow women artists to pursue their artistic passions.

women artists“(En)gendered form and content: Pinay artists speak up and stay strong”

The respondents we got were so cool that it’s a good mix of artists from various disciplines. Would have wanted to advertise their works and such but the tech team removed the links since I think it doesn’t go well with the revised slideshow layout. So I’m putting it out here instead:

Liza Magtoto, playwright, Rak of Aegis: Visit http://www.petatheater.com and see if there are more stagings of this musical. If you haven’t seen it, you’re losing a lot, teh. P.S. bawal mag-singalong habang nanonood ha, theater rules.

Maita Beltran, visual artist: Visit bokster.deviantart.com to see her art. She accepts commissioned works.

Pearlsha “Isha” Abubakar, writer and musician: Visit http://www.isonger.com to hear why people peg her as the Tori Amos of the Philippines.

Bebang Siy, writing and reading advocate, author of It’s A Mens World: Visit babe-ang.blogspot.com to read the down-to-earth but intelligent humor of Bebang. Kakatawa siya in real life din hehe.

Cindy Aquino, photographer, grand prize winner of the Pride Photo Award 2013: Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/848626441830276/ to help her raise funds for a photo book version of her nice photos.

Well, those are the ones who submitted links. The rest of the artists you can find all over when you google them. But for that added push, here are some details pa:

Nikki Luna, artist: I interviewed her a long time ago for a feature in Mega Magazine and up to now, she still does art projects that help abused women/girls, if I remember it right. She’ll be joining us again in the end-of-the-month Women’s Month forum we’re cooking up so stay tuned.

Imelda Cajipe Endaya, visual artist: A very cool veteran artist, support her women-centric mixed media works. Not sure if she has current local exhibits but she has been traveling din kasi for exhibits abroad.

Jhoanna Lynn Cruz, author, teacher, pilgrim: Joy released her collection of short stories of a lesbian nature called Women Loving a few years back and it’s available in bookstores, from Anvil publishing. Go support!

Niña Sandejas, photographer: Check out her website/blog to see her cool concert coverage shots http://www.rosarioko.com/.

Irma Lacorte, visual artist: Another unapologetic lesbian artist, like Maita, but based in Laguna kasi she teaches in UPLB. Google her for group exhibits kasi active si ati sa ganun.

Mina Esguerra, author: her chick lit easy-to-read stories are available as ebooks din so support local writers. Go to Amazon or other places where you could buy ebooks. They’re there.

Perry Sevidal, dancer and artistic director of Perry Sevidal Ballet: She no longer actively dances in companies but she actively teaches. Go check out her school’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/perry.sevidal.ballet

Sigrid Andrea Bernardo, filmmaker of Ang Huling Cha-Cha Ni Anita: Eto kaka-text lang ni ati na may screenings pa siya ng film sa UP Film Center for those who missed it. Check out their FB page for the skeds this month, bilis bilis bilis: https://www.facebook.com/AngHulingChaChaNiAnitaMovie

Armi Millare, Songwriter and lead vocalist, Up Dharma Down: Needs no introduction for her current fandom. Check out her cool band’s website for gig announcements: http://updharmadown.com/

As for today’s Whip It Wednesday content, we’re doing a Twitter conversation at 4-6pm Manila time, so please join us using the hashtag #whipit and follow my account @leaflens and Rappler’s social media @rapplerdotcom.

whipit twitter convoTwitter convo later!

The topic will be about how LGBTQ people whip out labels and stereotypes in their lives. So do join us if you’re online at that time. Sakto yan, palabas na kayo ng office or while in transit going home. Log in if you’re mobile and just follow the convo, then contribute your thoughts.

Come on lets! 🙂 Kereh? Gora!

The plan for this March_April is to showcase women who are not usually included in the mainstream of things, so we’re tackling marginalized women more in this second phase of #Whip It. We’ll have features on women PWDs and women working in the informal sector, to name a few. So abang abang lang mga teh.

Muli, salamuch sa support!


~ by leaflens on March 5, 2014.

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