#WhipIt in full force!

The start of the year was a happy one for my consultancy engagement with Rappler.Com in their #Whip It women empowerment campaign with Pantene. The main page of all the projects could be seen here. Go check it out.

We started with graphics for January as we launched the cute hair cloud infographic of labels that women have been hearing all their lives, backed up by research data that pops out when you hover onto each word.

infographic hair cloud#WhipIt behind the labels

Then we followed that up with an animated video/AVP showing gender discrepancies in all aspects of society. I wanted this longer but we were advised that a shorter video would fare well in our viral age of today. So kinatay ang script na pinahaba ko hehe. But it still turned out to be cute and informative so winner pa rin.

animated avpVideo: Where does the Filipina woman stand today?

Or watch it here:

To make sense of the data in the hair cloud infographic and the animated video, we supported that with research and I extracted an article to better explain the results of that survey thingie.

From The (en)gendered numbers crunch:

It all starts with perception. The numbers showed that Philippine society still harbors a mindset that hinders Filipinas from truly shining on their own. For instance, only 36% of women do not feel harshly judged compared to men when they commit mistakes. What about the rest of the percentage?

Or how about 45% of females voicing that it’s not acceptable for men to be aggressive and ambitious than women. So that means more than 50% think that it’s totally fine for men to be more aggressive and ambitious? No wonder we snide at female public figures and personalities who show strength in their character.

The numbers are actually revealing, as it shows how we are as a culture. Interesting, no? Indeed.

And then, since we’re still waiting cues from Pantene on the second phase of this campaign, we pushed for the women+multiculturalism pitch I originally drew up for phase one. So we extracted two articles on that: Pinays in a multicultural set-up here in the Philippines and global Pinays experiencing multiculturalism abroad.

I assigned the multicultural Pinays here to one of our writers “Of race and gender clashes: Do women rise above labels?” where we featured Pinays with Chinese heritage, Indian heritage and Malaysian heritage to talk about being part-Pinay and part-other culture. I’m happy about the metrics of this article. It’s well-read! Meaning there really are many issues like these that we still need to talk about as a culture.

The other one I took care of myself. Sa usaping global Pinays, I need not look far since I have lots of friends, relatives and colleagues who now work abroad. Kaya lahat ng mga tao dito ay galing sa FB account ko lang hihihi.

whipit importingexporting0 whipit importingexporting“Importing, exporting stereotypes: How do global Pinays cope?”

The women shared lots of insightful things here and now I really regret not making this into a 2-part article feature. Sayang. Kaya ayan, isa lang at humaba nang ganyan hehe. Taas din ng metrics ng article na ‘yan ha! Daming nag-share at nagbasa, ibig sabihin. Marami talagang nakaka-relate sa OFW or migration issue pa rin, women man or hindi. Very telling, again.

And with this feature, I just realized na ang dami ko na pala talagang kakilala sa buhay na nasa ibang bansa na. It’s also very telling of our culture. No, this is not really brain drain 2.0. Hindi na kasi ito usaping brain drain, eh. Higher level na. Usaping gubyerno din ‘yan, economy and such. Oh well, next time na ‘yang ganyang chikahan factor.

Pero happy ako sa February content. We started with an empowered Valentine and we got good traction for it. Maiba lang. Slideshow naman.

whipit empoweredvday1 whipit empoweredvday214 on 2-14: Women (re)interpret an empowered kind of love

And then we extended one story from that multicultural women article as suggested, so we focused on one Fil-Chinese woman narrative as a stand-alone article. Again, I let our writer handle that for continuity lang, but I took the photos because the featured woman, Irene, is a friend of mine and a co-worker sa Isis International women’s NGO before. At matagal na niya ko iniimbita mag-tai chi kaya lang waaaah ang aga kasi hehe. One of these days, kaya na ng powers ko ‘yan pramis!

IMG_0106 IMG_0036“Her Yin and Yang: A woman’s journey towards finding her true identity”

I want that sword! Hehe. Or that shirt. Goes well with my yinyang tatt. 🙂

Happy naman ang content so far, right? Nagulat ako sa metrics pare. Our account coordinator chuva just presented it to me. Winner siya teh! Ang daming nagbabasa ng content. Nakakatuwa na people are getting engaged. Thanks thanks from our bottomless hearts. This media literacy+gender advocacy consultant is very, very happy. 🙂 And grateful.

We finally presented our phase 2 content plan this week, pre-approved by our lady bossing of course, and we’re good to go for this next phase. More photo essays to come, more infographics with new research findings stuff, and I’m also excited about short advocacy documentary films we’ll be doing. Plus two forums na face-to-face women chikahan factor. Masaya rin ‘yun, parang ‘yung November forum, only smaller scale at mas relaxed. Have you seen that? Here, embed ko ‘yung ginawa nilang highlights. Try to spot me in the audience hehe:

Mas audiovisual ang peg ng next leg, so happy siya. Exciting, and empowering pa rin.

#Whip It good indeed!


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