The culture of lesbian date scenes in Manila

For my regular stint at the Philippine Online Chronicles’ Pinoy LGBT channel, I’ve been doing many monthly series to have a more thematic approach to my contributions. For February, I thought of writing about some date scenes I’ve experienced in my life here in lesbianic Metro Manila.

The first date article is in line with the Chinese New Year celeb so that came out during the last week of January: “Si Ms. Chinese at si Ms. Hindi Discreet” about my experience dating a Chinese-Pinay for the first time. Maraming issues pala. Interesting and revealing of our culture at the same time.

The second just came out today: “Ang bulagaan ng kabulagan a.k.a. blind date daw”

This one is about having a blind date arranged for you in pre-social media Manila. Imagine meeting up with someone whose face you haven’t seen like anywhere out there. Kaloka lang right? But no, we survived, and I have a funny-ish tale to tell eheheh. Well it appeared funny to me! And my friends who heard this story before ahihihi.

The next date series tale would be about…ay, R-18 ang peg teh hehe. Wait lang, sulat ko pa.

Anyway happy reading! A.k.a. ayan, ganyan pagkakitaan ang love life. Charut! LOLZZZ.


~ by leaflens on February 11, 2014.

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