Support Sapphic sisters sa sine!

Got this text from Sigrid Bernardo last week that she has an entry pala sa Cine Filipino film festival and it starts today! One week lang siya mga ateh kaya gora tayo sa mga sine to support our sisterette ayt!

Here’s the updated sked:


Here’s some info about the film. And yes, it’s about a girl falling in love with a girl. Erm ibang dimension nga lang kasi of some age gap and all, with some culture here and there. Worth a trip to the cinema anyway, right?

And hey, it stars Angel Aquino. So winner hehe.

Sigrid’s from the theater circuit sa peyups but she’s no stranger to production since she made that short film “Babae ” ages ago about this butch who falls in love with her kababata na femme pero it’s the butch who gets pregnant somewhere in the story and produces a kid. Back then, the queer sisterettes either hated it or loved it heheh. But I loved it simply for being honest, and for being outward, and just for being! Saka that short starred another openly out theater actor, si Raye Baquirin na magaling kahit saan mo makitang role sa teatro. We’ve got a bunch of talented lesbians in our midst, I swear, pero di masyadong napapansin ng mainstream kasi.

Kakaunti na nga lang ang mga lesbian-themed materials na okay at gawa ng mga lesbians mismo sa Pinas kaya these few and far between efforts should be supported by us sisterettes din, right? So taralets lakbay tayo sa sine at may-I-watch na nitey, okay?

Queer pride yo! Support Filipino films made by lesbians. 🙂

And it’s a good excuse to bring a date to, devah eheheh charut! Hashtag alam na. LOL.


~ by leaflens on September 18, 2013.

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