And in that one page…

…he was able to encapsulate how memoir writing ought to be. Something they weren’t able to teach back in grad school.

An autobiography is a book a person writes about his own life and it is usually full of all sorts of boring details.
This is not an autobiography. I would never write a history of myself. On the other hand, throughout my young days at school and just afterwards a number of things happened to me that I have never forgotten.
None of these things is important, but each of them made such a tremendous impression on me that I have never been able to get them out of mind. Each of them, even after a lapse of fifty and sometimes sixty years, has remained seared on my memory.
I didn’t have to search for any of them. All I had to do was skim them off the top of my consciousness and write them down.
Some are funny. Some are painful. Some are unpleasant. I suppose that is why I have always remembered them so vividly. All are true.
– from the intro to Boy and Going Solo by Roald Dahl

SEARED. Yes, that’s the word I’ve been looking for all these years.

All this time I’ve been toying with the idea of writing my memoirs in bits and pieces here and there. Already started some. Some huge chunks got transformed and were already fictionalized in different formats. Some became samples, essays published here and there.

And because my brain doesn’t have an off switch, a lot of them are still  there. Seared. Waiting to be garnished. I didn’t know how. But now, I do.

Thanks Dahl. You’re a doll.


~ by leaflens on June 21, 2012.

2 Responses to “And in that one page…”

  1. Haha dahl’s a doll..queerified! Thanks ribay..havent been at ur site for a while, but then as i was sitting here across the ocean writing, i thought of you, somebody who i admire for never being afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve- take it or leave it cantor 🙂 and somehow i knew if i searched leaflens on i.gram id find u! Ingat from kat! Xxo

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