Can’t read my, can’t read my…oh my, my!

I don’t get why there is a resurgence of stupid fundamentalism in Metro Manila lately, what with Lady Gaga’s arrival in the country, again I should add, for another concert here. Yes, another, because she already came here like back in 2009, I think, for her first concert at the Araneta Coliseum. And then she’s here tonight for a supposed one-night only concert which was reproduced to two days.

But some religious group protesting her appearance here will hold a prayer vigil/rally of protest/salvation/whatever tonight, and they will “watch” the show to “monitor” its content, and they will decide if she’s “fit” to hold that second concert tomorrow at SM MOA somewhere there in Pasay City. So what’s the big deal this time around? Achuchuuuuu! Monitor my foot! Gusto niyo lang makalibre nood eh aminin! Chos.

I wish I were making this up, right? But no. Read that here, as well as in this CNN report. Way to go fundies! We made it to CNN again but on an infamous note. Lech.

Myopic, ain’t they, Gaga grrl?

Hay naku, my poor country. Maybe it’s because elections are near, like next year near, so the head of this religious fundamentalist group, a certain congressman who sat in the human rights committee years ago and, if memory serves me right, also blocked all human rights-related stuff connected to women and LGBTQs there, wants to make headlines again via his brother and his city and his religious group full of people who look like they’ve been hypnotized to follow, or they’ve been capitalistically hypnotized in exchange for food and clothing, like those fundies at every LGBTQ Pride March here in Manila.

Yes, that former congressman, and yes, that bill blocked; I’m talking about the Anti-Discrimination bill to protect us LGBTQs from work, health care and educational discrimination based on our gender identity and sexual orientation. Please remember his name if he runs for reelection wherever, okay? Hindi siya paabante, paatras po siya. Get the picture. Read about that here.

I’m not a huge fan of Lady Gaga per se but I am a huge, huge fan of freedom of expression. I mean hello, this “her music is the devil” chorva is so old it’s a tale as old as time, as that Disney song said. In fact, ever since rock and roll was born in the ’40s-’50s, that has been the label of this genre as soon as it hit the airwaves. “It’s the devil’s music” why? Because it makes people dance, meaning gyrate, like hips shaking as if simulating procreation pumping (in layperson’s terms, sex, pare, sex, humping, all that orgasmic chorva). At kung anu-ano daw ang pinagsasasabing nonsense ng kanta, ganyan. Na parang nasasapian daw ng demonyo, ganyan. Gosh, I’m all shook up! And who better to demonstrate this gyration-inducing rhythm than The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll himself? P.S. Kakakanta lang ng anak niya last week sa American Idol ah. Hm. ‘La lang.

They ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, di ba dude?

Hay jusme. They’re also protesting Lady Gaga’s song entitled Judas ba ‘yun or something daw? Pati music video? Haller, were you guys even born na ba when this magnanimous ale put out a music video in the ’80s with a freaking burning cross while dancing na parang ang halay lang ng damit (and we all loved her for it)?

Life is a mystery pa rin, di ba Lola Madge?

Yes, I’m talking about Lola Madonna. Ang aming aba ginoong Madonna ng sayaw at kanta, bow! Protests? Religious bans? Been there, done that, teh, sabi niya. And I was but a child who listened to her songs and watched her music videos and I turned out fine! I pay my taxes, I abide by Philippine laws, I serve the county by being a public school teacher, and I — ay lintek, masama pa rin nga pala akong tao, oo, kasi nagmamahal ako ng kapwa babae, fergot!!!  Sing to the tune of I’m Henry the Eight I am I am — Lie of the devil I am I am, lie of the devil I am I am. Heheh. Sabi nga ni @ShutanginaBeks sa Twitter, charaught!!!

Plus in the good old days of rock and roll nga, almost all of the popular tunes were labeled as works of the devil and such, but it’s quite ironic that those they criticized also had church-singing roots and some singers/bands even incorporated church-style singing/hymns in their pop tunes. Like haller, gospel ang roots kaya ng maraming legends noh. A quick study of the history of rock and roll — and U.S. popular music in general — would produce that fact.  Please study your history, fundies. Report ko pa ito sa Comm I class back in college freshman year for a term paper so yeah, I know. And please try to study history and learn from it if you don’t want your ignorance to show.

But oops, too late. Weh.

O siya, popopo-poker face popo-poker face na lang ako. Kunwari di ako natatawa at naiiyak sa pinaggagagawa niyo. Kasi in the end, who’s the real gaga in the Pinoy sense of that word? It ain’t the lady singing tonight, that’s fer sure!

Rock on!


~ by leaflens on May 21, 2012.

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