I get that a lot mode

Just now:

The kuya dude who occasionally knocks at my door to check if I need drinking water refills just gave me a huge, happy smile of confirmation when, after putting the refilled 5-gallon thingie on my kitchen, said, “Ma’am, direktor po ba kayo?”

By director, I assume he meant TV because that was what I have been doing the latter half of the past decade. But since it’s quite useless to explain that I no longer do that this decade, I simplified the conversation, not wanting to dampen that sparkle in his eyes, as I confirmed, “Ah, oo.”

But in all honesty, I hate the culture of calling someone “direk” here in the Philippines. So feudal methinks. (Directing a children’s documentary / August 2011 photo by Marnie Dolera)

His smile widened as he added, “Ah, kasi napanood ko po kayo sa TV, interview.”

By interview, I suppose he meant that he chanced upon one of those times when my old TV network would contact me to act as speaker/resource person for some segment of a public affairs show or other.

And I re-confirmed. “Sa GMA ba ‘yan? Oo, doon ako dati.”

As I handed him my forty-peso payment for my drinking water refill, he smiled even wider. And his smile made me smile even wider as well.

Funny how pop culture work flashbacks in unexpected times lately. Story of my year, so far. But it’s good. It’s nice.

This episode reminded me of a show I chanced upon on cable sometime ago, where Snoop Doggy Dog went “undercover” to work as a parking lot attendant. And when people would recognize him and ask if he is Snoop, the answer is the title of the show: “I get that a lot.” It’s funny.

Hehe sino sikat-chupoy? Haha! Chos.

And yes, welcome back blogging. 🙂


~ by leaflens on May 9, 2012.

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