The Pilandokan 2011 experience

Before the month ends, we should mention that this is Children’s Month here in the Philippines. And what a fine time to hold a national conference on children’s literature, right? So that’s what the children’s literature organization Pilandokan Inc. did.

Eugene speaks

This even was held in the University of the Philippines where most of the members are based as professors. Majority of them are also writers, mostly writing in Filipino, hence the leaning towards Filipino language in the conference.

It’s cool that different teachers from various grade levels attended this event. It’s interesting to exchange information and share learnings with them.

Some of the presentations made during the conference were the following:

– Eugene Evasco on the picturebook

– May Tobias-Papa on illustrating children’s books

– Will Ortiz on poetry for children

– Rosario Torres Yu on retelling

– Mary Jane Tatel on indigenous peoples in children’s literature

– Jayson Petras on children’s language in children’s literature

– Rich Rodriguez on storytelling

I also presented a paper on children’s TV programming and the creation of children’s TV shows. There was also a teaching demo and some workshops.

my turn

Too bad I wasn’t able to sit and listen to all of these lectures. But the ones I caught were really useful. It’s always thought-provoking to listen to such talks. Plus it’s inspiring to see fellow writers and teachers discuss these things.

During the second conference, I was a participant or a fellow, and I also absorbed a lot during those lectures. But it was way cooler to be a paper presenter in such a gathering, methinks. Hm I should do this more often.



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