miss(ed) universe in the news

Nothing could make a country proud than having one of its citizens rule something, like the universe, perhaps.

Well okay, maybe for the Philippines, we’re contented with having one of our kababayan (country”men”) as the fourth ruler of the universe…when it comes to beauty and whatnot.

Thanks to this girl:

a 25 year old licensed architect is the fourth most beautiful woman in the universe

I tuned in to the news reports while having early dinner a while ago and of course, Shamcey Supsup’s homecoming was one of the major major (to quote last year’s fifth ruler of the beauty and whatnot universe, another kababayan Venus Raj) headlines of today, alongside the huge transport strike today (to protest oil price hikes) that affected the commuting public.

It’s just amusing (bemusing?) how hard news reporters and hard news anchors morph into showbiz-like reporters and anchors when questioning the third runner-up title holder of the 2011 Miss Universe pageant. I mean, I understand being elated when interviewing someone famous but throwing nonsensical gossip-like bits of questions to the hapless University of the Philippines Diliman architecture graduate makes me wonder if, indeed,  Philippine news coverage has succumbed to the showbiz-y  side of things for good. I could understand sensationalism (but I don’t approve of it!) because hey, it’s media, it’s a competition, they have to be the one to garner viewers, and hence skyrocketing ratings. But turning showbiz gossipy as a strategy-cum-substitute for sensationalism seemed to be the order of the day.

Shamcey, are you willing to enter showbiz?

Shamcey, will you be introducing your boyfriend to your father?

Shamcey, what do you think made you win? Was it your answer to the question? Was it your gown?

Seriously, did you really ask that last question??? Was it your gown??? I died and went to the bad news circle of hell.

I understand the need to make it light, but shouldn’t it still be treated as a straight-up news coverage and not a shallow lifestyle-entertainment beat type of Q&A? Not that the lifestyle-entertainment beat is shallow per se. I mean hey, that has been my beat as a journalist for a long time, but there are coverage moments in that beat that are really just nonsensical, depending on what you’re covering. Now people may have differing opinions about beauty pageants, but this could also be covered as a serious lifestyle-entertainment beat piece. After all, it is still news — just showbiz news. And showbiz news need not be gossipy all the time even if that’s the misconception about it.

Well, I guess it all boils down to treatment. Hm, and I thought hard news was already a treatment? Oh well.

Signing off.

I… thank you.


~ by leaflens on September 19, 2011.

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