to cable or not to cable

It has been a busy June and July for me, and sometimes, the refuge after a tired day is turning on the television and tuning into the news of the day. But that could sometimes get repetitive, especially with the tendency of the TV stations to just repeat their news content during the early evening and late evening telecasts.

This is why I am contemplating on having cable TV again. Surprised? Yes, in the Philippines, it is an option not to have cable subscription. I’ve been having an on-and-off relationship with cable ever since I moved out of my parents’ house and started living on my own more than a decade ago. Having cable subscription before was dictated upon by my income. There were times when having a subscription was a financial excess I couldn’t afford. There were times when having a subscription meant devoting less time to thing s I ought to be doing.

These days, the reason for not having cable is the latter. My friends and I fear that if we succumb to cable again, then we would be devoting less time to things that we want to do and should be doing. I know you know how easy it is to succumb to being a couch potato especially when you find good programs any time of the day on TV. Yes, I know the answer there should be proper time management, but tell that to the gazillions of Filipinos currently addicted to Facebook, especially those who had to delete their accounts in order to have their lives running back on track again.

Leaflens' couch potato mode at my sister's house in California

Oh well, let’s just see. I just miss randomly watching good documentaries on the History channel, lifestyle shows

on Discovery Travel and Living, and of course the select TV series–old and new–that I miss watching. Plus the movies, yes, don’t forget.

Ah, to cable or not to cable. Well, we’ll see.


~ by leaflens on July 18, 2010.

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