this is what I want to shout to the whole country…

Note: This was originally posted in the earlier version of this blog on 06 February 2010.


a message to all TV-viewing Filipinos during the political campaign period...

Election fever already began last year here in the Philippines, even if we all know that it is illegal for politicians to start that early. And it’s escalating now, especially that, by next week, it will be official. So perhaps I’ll lessen my TV-viewing because of it.

I’m so irritated with the TV commercials of these politicians. It’s one thing to sell yourself, but selling yourself too early in the game is, well, just not right. Hay, hindi ka na nasanay, my friends and relatives said. They’re true; I never really got the hang of the campaigning thing here during elections. And it’s worse now because of the internet.

Hay, we’ll scrutinize those ads soon. But first, another reminder:

oh yeah, I won't buy anything, especially those who espouse their connection with "poverty" (either through their personal history or their professed promise to eradicate it)

These cute media literacy campaign photos came from this PBS sub-site which is aimed at young kids and early teens. So cool! Check it out. Miss ko tuloy ang aking media literacy campaigns associate days sa media advocacy women’s NGO…


~ by leaflens on May 27, 2010.

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