Revamp, remake, redo, reward!

Before this leaflens horcrux was remade into the Culture Popper, it was originally called “medyo-medyo media” which is my take on anything media and communications-oriented which exclude books and film. I excluded those two because I wanted to create separate blogs that feature them, but I decided to collapse the media blog and the lit blog into this p0p culture blog. The stand-alone film blog remains, simply because I’ve got lots of things to say about film.

Another original project was to archive my newspaper column entries into that lit blog. But since I decided to collapse the two blogs mentioned, I just created a separate page in order to link to the column entries. I just hope the newspaper doesn’t decide to switch servers or reformat its site again; a killer of archives, those moves. Oh well.

So I just reposted some earlier posts I made in that early media blog here, and will add new ones as I go along.

Thanks for reading.

tuning in at the John Steinbeck Museum in Salinas, California

P.S. In case you’re curious, here is the first post of that old media blog.

like it says in the “about this…” page, i love blogging. that’s because i am a writer. and as a writer, it has been my exercise to continuously write about lotsa stuff to hone me and keep the writings and wit as sharp as ever, sharp enough to slash the jugular of current country presidents that uphold killings of media people. but oops, that’s another blog post.

i created a film review site and a literary review site where i will also discuss other arts-related reviews like theater plays and visual arts, but there is also a craving to review other stuff as well, like tv shows i watch, games i play, new media stuff i encounter, and other super stuff out there, media-related thingies, in metro manila and nearby areas i visit. ibang bansa, puwede na rin, huway nat!

so i guess you could call this blog my media and communications blog, which will include musings about foreign and local traditional media (print, broadcast tv-radio) and new media (internet and related technologies) which will also include the advertising world, plus other media and communication issues i might fancy writing about. angst din, puwede na.

i’m leaflens and i love reading, writing, watching media stuff, doing art stuff, and playing games. i’ll try to share my thoughts about these things in this site of mine. please feel free to visit every so often and feel free to comment away. i always welcome intelligent dialogue with smart people. so yun nah.


~ by leaflens on May 27, 2010.

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